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Career Guideline

Career Chart After 10th Class

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  • Publish 17/10/2017

It is not easy to decide on career option that will determine the rest of your life for you, especially at the tender age of 15 or 18. It does not help that often even parents are left confused about the right advice to give. The confusion a student faces is huge and varied in nature. If you have scored less than expected in your class 10 or 12 boards, there is no need to panic or become anxious. The fact of that matter is that in today's age of self-starters the number of options open to you are varied and many. It is not advisable to make hasty, unplanned decisions dues to peer/parental pressure. It's important to pursue a field you are truly passionate about.

We have compiled several resources and Career Guideline Chart on the different career choices you have ahead of you. We have provided detailed comparisons between degrees and various careers options after Class 12 based on percentage of marks.